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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Rebound PT specializes in Physical Therapy services to treat your current orthopaedic injury or post-surgical condition. Whether you've been hurt at work, during a sporting event, or had a joint replacement as a result of arthritis - Rebound PT will provide the most current, hands-on therapy available. Tell your physician you want Rebound Physical Therapy!
Manual Therapy A hands-on approach to address problems with joint mobility, tissue flexibility, and movement. All conditions and injuries are treated with a combination of Manual Therapy techniques and exercise to help restore function and improve your quality of life.
Sports Medicine Whether you were hurt in the football game on Friday night or in a pick-up basketball game at home, Rebound PT & Sports Performance has the expertise to help you get back on the field. Educating you about your injury, treating your impairments, and assisting in return to sport are just components of your treatment. At Rebound, we'll focus not only on your recovery - we'll improve your athletic performance and decrease your risk of re-injury.
Orthotics Knee, hip, and back pain can all be related to foot and ankle movement patterns when you walk, run, and jump. Orthotics are custom inserts that can assist in decreasing pain by controlling foot and ankle mechanics. We'll take a custom mold of your foot and in just a few days, you'll have a custom set of orthotics to use in conjuction with your Physical Therapy.
Direct Access /
Injury Screening
Did you know that you CAN see a Physical Therapist without a physician referral? Rebound offers direct access injury screenings at little to no cost. If you have an ache, pain, or injury you would like us to check out, give us a call today. We'll screen the possible problem and assist you in getting the proper care, even if it means referring you to another provider.
Sports Performance Want to take your athletic ability to the next level? Being an athlete is no longer an "in-season only" activity. Rebound PT & Sports Performance offers 6 and 12-session training packs. Training includes a sports exam followed by training sessions focusing on strength/power, explosion, speed, agility, and sports-specific fundamentals. Call us today for availability.

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